First-class fruits and vegetables grown in carefully controlled conditions!

We emphasize that we do not use pesticides in the production process - we believe that the fertile land and hard work give naturally healthy products. Together with renowned experts and scientific institutions, we carefully monitor the quality of our raw materials and finished products. The process of bringing healthy and fresh products from our Vojvodina fields to your families involves a lot of manual work, but that is what allows us to preserve all the smells and tastes of fresh fruits and vegetables without any artificial additives. The final product is then pasteurized to preserve all the vitamins and minerals.

Vrtlari products of unique tastes and flavors return you to childhood and are reminiscent of the dishes prepared by our mothers and grandmothers. We offer a wide selection of healthy and natural delicacies: mild and hot ajvar, tomato juice - mild and with celery, natural 100% squeezed and unique juices of various flavors, no added sugar jams, exclusive spreads for cheese pairings and pottages of various flavors and vegetable combinations.