From plantation straight to shelving

A blend of traditional values and modern way of life

Vrtlari began their story not so long ago, in 2016. Today, we use modern technology to improve our production and have developed into a healthy homemade food brand, believing that technology and tradition can go hand in hand.

Vrtlari is a company created out of a desire to bring people back to the traditional, healthy and homemade. Our mission has focused on reviving the memories of smells and tastes from childhood and tradition from the very beginning. Today, we can boast products that preserve tradition with their tastes and ingredients, but at the same time keep pace with the times and meet the demands of the modern way of life.

We are dedicated to gathering people around the idea of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle, so we use recipes that do not rely on additives, sugars, and preservatives. The most crucial ingredients of all our products are hard work, fruit and vegetable growing with a lot of love and attention invested, in cooperation with long-term suppliers of the highest quality raw materials that help us bring our products to the warmth of your home.

Did you know?

At the 2017 Novi Sad Fair, the complete range of Vrtlari products won the fair champion title and the prestigious Best from Serbia award. At this year's 89th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Vrtlari Doo products won as many as seven medals, five of which were gold medals. Gold medals for quality were awarded to the following products:

  • Homemade tomato juice with celery
  • Homemade tomato juice with primrose and ginger
  • Extra apricot jam
  • Extra plum jam
  • Pumpkin stew

Vrtlari also exports its products to more than ten countries worldwide, including the USA, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany, Romania and Austria. Let us present our products that keep up with the times but nurture the spirit of tradition.

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